The Sightseeing Celiac    (and sidekick)

A Gluten Free Guide to Travel


My love of travel started well before my Celiac diagnosis in 2011.  Prior to that I had visited 18 countries with no plan to stop.  When I was diagnosed, my very first thought was, "how am I going to travel!???"  Travel was my one true love, well, until I met my husband :)  

At the time of my diagnosis my husband and I had already booked a trip to Ireland, so we decided to give it a try.  I didn't die.  I didn't even get sick.  So a few years later we made a big leap and and booked a trip to SE Asia.  I am on numerous Facebook Celiac support groups, travel groups and blogs and I saw so many people terrified to leave their town, let alone their country.  I already knew how to navigate traveling to very different places, so I thought, what if I could blog about it as I go?  SE Asia was my leap, it was my challenge to myself.  If I could accomplish this gluten free, I could go anywhere.  


This blog is dedicated to you.  It is dedicated to those who want to make the leap, are standing on the edge, but need a hand.  Your leap might be to somewhere exotic, or another town in your home country, but if it's a leap for you, it's still a leap!  I will write in detail what I did, to help you along the path.  I love talking, so don't be afraid to reach out to me!  

Happy Travels!