Flying...A Guide to Eating in Airports and Airlines


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Alaska Airlines

I always pack plenty of food for flights, especially long ones like this. But I was pleasantly surprised by the options Alaska Airlines provided. Check out these gluten free, vegan and kosher options on Alaska Airlines! Even though I had a bag full of food, I really wanted to see what the the gluten free, vegan, kosher snack pack on Alaska Airlines just to see. Everything was individually packaged and pretty good! Not a meal replacement, but if you ate like, 5, maybe?

British Airways (2017)

Lunch was good, but with the afternoon snack there was no gf option, not even fruit.

Japan Airlines (2015/2016)

Chicago O'Hare Airport to Tokyo Narita Airport

We went through a travel agent who lined everything up for this trip. Pre-check-in showed a gluten free meal, it was re-affirmed at our check-in at the airport, and I got a GF sticker on my seat on the plane. They offered snacks pretty soon after take off that weren't GF, so my husband got both. The first meal was two different very small veggie salads, without dressing, and a cup of fruit. The main meal was a flaky white fish with tomato based sauce, carrots and a few slices of potato, it was also served with an orange which I saved for later (forgot to take a picture of it). I'm not a huge fish fan, but it was fine, not too flavorful, but good and filling. They served green tea, which I assume was gluten free but I didn't drink it in case. Desert was Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream, which said GF right on it! The flight attendant was cautious giving it to me, until we showed her the gluten free label. So they were really careful.

There was also a meal of chicken and rice, with yogurt, a small salad, and fruit. It was, well, very plain. I wish I had brought my GF tamari sauce on the plane with me! (shown below)

They also offered a snack of a turkey sandwich with gluten free bread. Ok, we all know how good most of the GF bread is untoasted ;) But, I got a whole sandwich while everyone else just a half.

Japan Airlines - gluten free meal

Tokyo Narita Airport to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

There was nothing that I could find gluten free at Narita airport. Might have been, I didn't try too hard though, we had a relatively short layover, but be prepared to look at all the shops!

We slept through the meal and asked for it later. This one was steak with veggies and rice, 3 salads, a fruit cup, and a banana. So I now have an orange and 2 bananas in my purse (at some point I acquired yet another banana). I have become a little obsessed with making sure I always have food on hand, so I tend to stash stuff like this for later :)

Notice below the little "GFML" sticker - Gluten Free Meal. Also, check out this amazing salad dressing that doesn't spill once opened!

Japan Airlines - gluten free meal

Flight From Bangkok to Chicago (layover in Tokyo)

I figured you didn't need an in depth explanation of each meal ;) All in all a pretty good experience - although I wish I had brought the tamari sauce on the plane with me!

Iberian Airlines (2017)

I was not the most impressed with Iberian Airlines. The main meal had a bland chicken dish with a side of plain chicken with the worst bread and some strawberries. There was a small breakfast snack with the same disgusting bread topped with cucumber and tomato. To be fair, my husband’s gluten bread sandwich was apparently just as bad. There was a passed snack and there was nothing gluten free offered, not even fruit. ALWAYS travel with food. See THIS post about tips for traveling with food.



Atlanta Airport (ATL) (2017)

Concourse A:

PF Chang's

I do like PF Chang's...especially the lettuce wraps! We also ordered chicken fried rice to share, which ended up being way too much food, but a great plane snack! PF Chang's does a great job with gluten free.

Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) (2017)

Terminal 3:

Tortas Frontera

They do have a gluten free menu (it shows chips on the menu – but they are fried with other things, they did mention this when I said gluten free). I had the torta cubano. was basically just a pile of meat with some beans and greens. And I’m not a person who makes meat the main part of my meal.

Terminal 2 & 3:

Cibo Express

They have somewhat healthier options than you can find at most of the other small shops, including pre-made gluten free sandwiches.

Denver Airport (DIA) (2016)

Concourse A:

Mesa Verde (3/2016)

They had a limited gluten free list. While they did have gluten free buns, I wasn't sure I totally trusted their kitchen, so I opted for a chicken, bacon, guacamole, tomato, lettuce, sautéed onion and mushrooms burger without a bun. Not the best, but an option if you need food.

Concourse B & C:

Mod Market (also called Modern Market)

Check out my post on Denver Metropolitan Area for more on restaurants in this area. There are two in the Denver airport (concourse B & C)

I really wish we had places like this in Wisconsin. First sentence on their About page "Did you ever notice that when you eat great food, you feel good? We did." And that's exactly what kind of food they serve. Clean, healthy, food with paleo, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, gluten free options and more!

Airport C Concourse: For this trip I was there at breakfast time. I had the bacon and egg plate. They did have gluten free bread toasted in a separate toaster and location. Said they take precautions for allergies.

Madrid Airport - Barajas (MAD) (2017)

Terminal 4:

Barajas Airport: Eating Point

We were there really early before most places were open, and they had some gluten free options like muffins and salads, as well as fruit and cheese (and café con leche of course).

Barajas Airport: Esenza by SHA

If you’re needing a little break, not only do they offer a bunch of to-go healthy food options. Their website explains: “Every product on Esenza by SHA menu is elaborated with fresh and natural products, unprocessed and most of them taking into account the basic principles of macrobiotics. You won’t find diary products or meat. Bread is not made out of processed flour and none of the desserts contains refined sugar. Sandwiches and wraps, vegetable soups, sushi or carrot cake, a mix of Eastern and Western ingredients; all of them 100% natural and healthy.”

They did have gluten free and vegan options – I was kind of in a rush at this point and didn’t get a lot of time to look closely though.

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