Being Gluten Free In...Seville, Spain

Being Gluten Free In...Seville, Spain

This post is dedicated to the gluten free part of being in Seville. For information on where we stayed, how we traveled, and what we saw, check out THIS post.

What I ate


Tortilla de Patatas!!! OMG...this yummy goodness of potato, olive oil, onion, and eggs somehow becomes the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. You can find it at many restaurants, but you can also find it at most corner stores and grocery stores (you can find versions without onion as well). It's easy to throw on a stove top or microwave at your Airbnb, hostel, or if you have a hotel with a microwave or stove top. Later in here, I will share this awesome (at least I think it's awesome) collage of all of the coffee I drank - I should have done a collage of all of the tortilla de patatas...oh well, next trip to Spain ;)

For the other meals, see my post about basic information and tips for traveling gluten free in Spain HERE.

Gluten Free Tortilla de Patata - YUMMM


C/ Pérez Galdos, 20

Seville 41004

Fargo is a slow food farm to table restaurant with both a Spanish and English menu and lots of healthy options. In addition to offering lots of gluten free options, they have vegetarian and vegan options as well. For lunch we tried the roasted vegetables, cheese plate (not shown), and green pea humus with a parmesan crisp and gf crackers.


Bar Alfalfa

Calle Candilejo 1, 41004

Seville, Spain

Bar Alfalfa was one of my favorite little restaurants in Sevilla for the ambiance alone. It’s a tiny little corner restaurant and bar with great tapas and an awareness of celiac disease. They have menus both in Spanish and English, and the bartender we had spoke a decent amount of English. Although gluten free bread is not listed on the menu, they have it available and will substitute it if you ask. They even knew not to toast it for cross-contamination, granted, gluten free bread is almost always better toasted, but still, it gave us options. We tried the paella, caprese, brusquetta sicilliana, espinachas a la crema, and brusquetta roja all gluten free. There were 6 people, so no judgements! If you like rosé, the La Rosa was recommended by the bartender and was fantastic!


Postigo 10

Calle Almirantazgo, 10, 41001

Sevilla, Spain

I saw this pop up on a number of gluten free sites, but I was not overly impressed even though it had received good reviews. Maybe this was an off day? Both English and Spanish menus were available and the the waitress did speak English. The menus listed gluten free options on it. We did have to ask them to adjust it for us which they were able to do easily. They had a lunch menú del día (menu of the day), a common way that lunch is served. We ordered the verduras crema (vegetables with cream), filete de rosada empanada (breaded fish), my sidekick had the cerdo con whiskey y patatas (pork with whiskey and potatoes (fries)).

Everyone’s food (gluten free or full of gluten) was just ok. I thought I would be excited to get fried fish, it wasn’t bad, it just only came with a plain iceberg lettuce salad. We were asked if we wanted gluten free bread, and it came heated up in a pre-packaged bag. It was actually pretty good, but we were charged for it. Had I known about the cost, I just could have done without. For dessert we had ice cream.


Taberna la Encarnacion

Calle Imagen, 2, 41003

Sevilla, Spain

This restaurant is right next to the Metropol Parasol. We stopped in earlier to have a coffee, and decided to venture back in the evening for tapas. Although they do have an allergen menu, the only thing they could guarantee was gluten free was the sausage and cheese platter and olives. It was good, but it was too much sausage and cheese for me. They did also list lactose, cereales (not sure if this is just gluten or all grains), shellfish, egg and a few more items on a separate menu. If you were just sitting down for a drink though, it’s a great spot to people watch!


Tata Pila

Calle Julio César, 14, 41001

Sevilla, Spain

Tata Pila is quite close to one of the bus stations that gets you to Granada (the Estacion plaza de Armas). This is a Spanish restaurant with a French twist with a fantastic ambiance (and with really cool bathrooms - seriously, they even have a hashtag #tatapilatoilette). They had Spanish menus without English, but the server spoke some English. There were able to accommodate gluten free, pescatarian and vegetarian. I had the lechuga entera a la parrilla, which is apparently a local dish of an entire head of grilled lettuce with candied scallions, peppers, grilled and smoked cod. It was pretty good, but that’s a lot of lettuce! My friend had the Merluza, which is hake with vichyssoise sauce and chanterelle mushrooms, she said it was her favorite meal so far. One person got the appetizer, croquettes del chef, and said they were amazing, just wish he had ordered more.


Restaurants I researched

These are restaurants I wrote down, but didn't end up visiting (yes there are a lot - I mentioned I like researching ahead of time, right?)

  • Dulces Celiacos

  • Alonso Mingo Street, 14, in 41014-Sevilla

  • Torcuato de Luca de Tena, nº 32. Seville – 41013

  • Gluten free, sugar free, lactose free pastries

  • Da Luigi

  • La Motilla Shopping Center 5 and 7, Dos Hermanas, Seville

  • Italian

  • YouToo


  • Devour Seville Food Tours

  • Bar Sacramento

  • Calle Feria, 141

  • “While Bar Sacramento doesn’t market itself as a “gluten free bar”, the majority of dishes here are gluten free. Gluten free options are clearly marked on the menu and they also serve bottles of gluten free beer. With its high-quality traditional tapas and lively local atmosphere, this place will please everybody!”

  • Panacdea

  • Calle Regina, 15

  • “We love pastries in Spain, it’s no secret. Panacea is a little bakery on Calle Regina that has a section dedicated entirely to gluten free products. With sweet pastries and a wide selection of bread, this is definitely the place to come for high-quality gluten free baked goods! (We particularly recommend the magdalenas.)”

  • Zarabanda

  • Calle Padre Tarín, 6

  • “Zarabanda is a great little restaurant tucked in a back street in the center of Seville. Again, this is another spot that doesn’t market itself as a gluten free restaurant, but the menu ensures that gluten free guests are well looked after.”

  • “Gluten free bread is available upon request, nearly all of the tapas are gluten free friendly, and even the desserts are almost entirely gluten free! Not only that, the owner and staff are friendly, the wine list has been carefully curated, and the food is amazing.”

  • Al Solito Posto

  • Alameda de Hércules, 16

  • “While they don’t serve typical Spanish fare, this wonderful Italian restaurant in Seville’s bohemian Alameda district deserves a mention. It’s more than just gluten free friendly – it’s celiac heaven!”

  • “The owner and restaurant staff at Al Solito Posto are highly educated about a strict gluten free diet and are happy to explain the special features they have in place. They boast a separate gluten free kitchen, and all gluten free dishes are covered in order to prevent cross-contamination. They even give gluten free customers a different colored place mat to avoid confusion. This place way ahead of the curve when it comes to gluten free dining!”

  • Aljibe

  • “Perhaps our best tapas was at Aljibe restaurant in Seville, which had interesting combinations to choose from. “

  • Bodgeuita Antonio Romero

  • “I prefer the location on Calle Gamazo, where the waiters always know what I'm going to order! “

  • Bar Gazuza

  • near Puerta de la Carne

  • “Their menu is 95% GF, and also has lactose free options.”

We did more than just eat! If you are interested in what we did while in Seville, check out THIS post!

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