Being Gluten Free In...Granada, Spain

Being Gluten Free in...Granada, Spain

This post is dedicated to the gluten free part of being in Granada. For information on where we stayed, how we traveled, and what we saw, check out THIS post.

What I ate

For basic information and tips for traveling gluten free in Spain HERE.

Hotel America at the Alhambra

Calle Real de la Alhambra, 53

18009 Granada, Spain

We hadn’t planned to eat at the Alhambra, but it ended up a very cold and rainy day and we needed a little break. The menu listed gluten free items so we gave it a shot. I ended up ordering ham and eggs…which was just one giant plate of protein. This country is really into ham, and overall, I’m not a huge ham person. I’m mostly a paleo person – which for me means limited grains, dairy and sugar – I eat a ton of veggies and some organic or grass-fed meat with most meals. Honestly, this meal might have set me over the edge – because when I got back to the US, I started eating a lot less meat. My friend got the grilled fish ordered off of the allergen menu. The waiter knew we were both gluten free. However, her plate definitely had potatoes with breadcrumbs on them. When she sent it back, we were pretty sure they just scraped the breadcrumbs off and since she is not celiac, she just ate it.


Restaurante Paprika

Cuesta de Abarqueros, 3

18010 Granada, Spain

We decided to try this vegetarian/vegan place for my friend’s birthday (she is pescetarian, as in a vegetarian that also eats fish). It was only a few blocks from our Airbnb. My husband got the seiten tacos (not gluten free) and said they were amazing. My friend and I got the green curry – which although it was full of great fresh veggies which I had been lacking on this trip, it was not at all flavorful. It was kind of a huge disappointment. We did try the bananas foster and chocolate truffles for desert, both of which were great. I'm sure there are other foods that would have been good on the gluten free menu. Just not what we got unfortunately.

Allergen Offerings: gluten free, peanut free, soy free, nut free, sesame seed free, sulfur dioxide and sulfite free

**This is also the restaurant in which my husband sang along to these lyrics serenading me "besame, besame mucho" when he didn't know that I was recording him...and I probably watch this video once a week - it makes me smile every time!


Restaurante Carmela

C/ Colcha, 13 (Intersection with Pavaneras street) 18009 – Granada, Spain

Great location in the historic part of the city. This is a higher priced restaurant, but what I got was fantastic. We received tapas with our drinks, which had gluten. When we asked if they had gluten, we were brought little dishes of tomato and tuna as well. I ordered the sirloin tips (puntas de solomillo al pedro ximénez). This may have been one of my favorite meals. My husband and one of our friends got two pretty pimped out tostadas that they both loved. And they got chicken wings…when in Granada…er…

Unfortunately, my gluten free pescatarian friend ordered the tuna tataki with soy. She specified she was celiac, but when the soy sauce came (on the side thankfully), she asked if it was gluten free and they took it away. Needless to say, she ended up with plain tuna and gave her a GIANT bowl of mayo instead – I mean like, ½ a cup. But everyone else's food was so good - I honestly would have gone back.


Mercadona Grocery

The sidekick and I also checked out the Mercadona near our Airbnb while I was nursing a sore achilles (long story, but let’s just say 4 surgeries on your ankle and a fused fibula and tibia kind of mess with your body). He picked up a number of fun things to try. One of our staples from the grocery stores: Tortilla de Patata (with or without onion): these are amazing potato bakes that I really wish were sold in the US read about them in THIS post. These are filling and super easy to heat up at your Airbnb on the stove top or in the microwave. He also picked up some chocolate covered rice cakes (weirdly addicting) and some of the best gluten free shortbread cookies I’ve head – take that back – some of the best shortbread cookies I’ve had, gluten or no gluten. (for locations around the country, click on the HERE. (We weren't allowed to take pictures.)


La Talega Grocery

Plazuela San Miguel Bajo 9

18010 Granada, Spain

An Andalucian slow food grocery. This place catered to all sorts of allergens! I found loads of great gluten free goods (bars, bread, pasta and beer), as well as things like coconut milk and oil, and dairy free food, vegetarian and vegan food (lots of meat alternative items as well). Plus a small selection of fantastic looking produce. If this were located near my home, I’d probably shop here often!


Restaurants I researched

These are restaurants I wrote down, but didn't end up visiting:

We did more than just eat! If you are interested in what we did while in Granada, read THIS post!

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