Being Gluten Free... & What We Did In...Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory (at the tip of Spa

A few facts about Gibraltar – although it is at the tip of Spain, it is a British territory and has been since 1713. This makes for a very unique place where you see and hear English everywhere having just crossed from Spain (and you do need your passport for this). In my opinion, it felt a little like an English Disney World – a bit over the top complete with red phone booths, lots of British flags and even a British military marching band going down the main street. Still, walking through this surreal town was a great way to get to the amazing geological formation of the Rock.

Gibraltar is fairly small and easy to walk. But if you’re not feeling up to it (I had a weird ankle injury and couldn’t walk very easily), there are a few other ways to get around town. You can take a taxi around town or up the Rock, or for a more cost-effective mode of transport, hop on either a tour bus or a local bus from the border and get to town or to the cable car. We just took the local bus and it was inexpensive and easy. There are many tours offered as well.

La Línea is the closest Spanish city, and less expensive than Gibraltar if you are looking for a more cost-effective place to stay.


Where we stayed

This was our first time staying in an AirBnB, if you're interested, here is the link: AirBnB La Línea

This was a beautiful apartment with the most amazing host and hostess. When we stayed there, it was a newer airbnb location and they had really thought of everything you need to make it homey. We were able to cook as well. They were incredibly attentive and just the sweetest people! It was a little further from Gibraltar than it initially appeared on the map, still not too far, maybe a 30 minute walk though. However, the view of the rock and the marina was fantastic. I highly recommend this place! Plus, staying in La Línea instead of Gibraltar is way less expensive. There was also a corner market and a grocery store within walking distance.

Here's the view, not bad ;)


What I ate

For basic information and tips for traveling gluten free in Spain HERE.

Costa Coffee

It looks like there are 2 Costa Coffees in Gibraltar, I’m not sure which one I went to. Moral of the story: eat the gf brownie. I grabbed one and ate it a few days later, it was amazing!


Raj's Curry House

3 Queensway Rd

Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

When in British-Spain, eat Indian food! My apologies – I took absolutely terrible notes. I have no idea what we ate, but it was some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to India! There was a little confusion over dairy vs gluten, but they were able to easily accommodate after I explained a little more clearly. However, the staff did speak English, so that helped.


Restaurants I researched..

These are restaurants I wrote down, but didn't end up visiting


What We Did...

Gibraltar Nature Reserve

Once you get to the reserve, you can hike, as our friends did, or take a cable car. Since I was nursing my ankle, we hopped on the cable car. Once there, make sure to grab a map and figure out what you really want to see. We just went to the top and walked around, and didn’t end up going to any of the additional sites, and then stopped at the half way point.

You will see monkeys. Lots and lots of monkeys. And despite the MANY signs that tell you to watch your bags, not get too close and not to feed them – you are going to watch basically everyone be stupid. We saw a family feed monkeys who then jumped on their car and they couldn’t get back in for nearly 30 minutes, and act like they had no idea they weren’t supposed to like, hand over a sandwich to a family of monkeys. We saw a tour bus stop that forgot to close a window and had a monkey get in the bus. So just don’t be dumb. They are incredibly fun to watch, but they are still wild animals.

And, on a very clear day, you can see Africa from the top of the reserve, however, it wasn’t clear enough for us to see across. The views are still spectacular though!

Gibraltar Nature Reserve

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