Being Gluten Free...and...What We Did In...Seward & Girdwood, Alaska

Being Gluten Free...and...What We Did In...Seward & Girdwood, Alaska

We rented a car from Anchorage and headed to Girdwood for a night, followed by 3 nights in Seward. This an absolutely beautiful drive! BEAUTIFUL! For my post on what we saw (beluga whales) and our fantastic whale and glacier day-long trip, scroll to the bottom of this post. For gluten free dining, keep reading!



Jack Sprat

165 Olympic Mountain Loop

Girdwood, AK 99587

Really great gluten free options and a beautiful space! My husband got the halibut and I got the scallop special which was an appetizer but enough for me. Dessert was a vegan cheesecake recommended by the waitress (IMO would've been even more awesome with some fresh berries!). The menu also had options for vegan, vegetarian and dairy free (that I could tell... but I didn't ask).



Seward is tiny. Tiny. There are only a few restaurants total, one big grocery store, and one little (and insanely expensive) organic/natural grocery store.

Sea Bean Cafe

225 4th Ave

Seward, AK 99664

I'm not gonna lie, we read these amazing reviews about Sea Bean. They were really helpful and nice and do offer gluten free options. The first day we requested 2 paninis wrapped in tin foil around the bread (so the bread didn't touch the panini machine. The first day they did it no problem, but we took them to go for a long wildlife boat tour, so are them cold hours later.

The second day we ordered breakfast sandwiches and they forgot to wrap the foil on the top and had to remake it. The bread seemed soggy and it was just really disappointing, if had this tin foil thing done before without soggy bread... and it was $14 with a side of some potatoes. My husband got a breakfast bowl that was just meh, for a similar price. We heard other tables complaining about their food too. Maybe it was an off day?) I didn't share pictures of the not so great food, because it looks sad and no one wants to look at sad gluten free food :( BUT, still, at least there were gf options in this small town!

BUT...the gluten free nutella bread was ridiculous! OMG sooo good!

Seward, Alaska: Sea Bean

Seward Co-Op: Frontier Trading Post

233 4th Ave

Seward, AK 99664

Be prepared to pay a FORTUNE here - I mean it - I shop at Whole Foods and I'm talking double. BUT, if you need any kind of specialty health or food items, they've got it! There is also a Safeway grocery store, but we couldn't find much in the way of specifically gluten free. But for any staples, Safeway would be a much better place to get them.


Kenai Fjords Tour

This was one of the most amazing experiences! We too,k the 7.5 Hour Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise, which departed from Seward. We were able to see humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions, harbor seals, puffins, eagles, and seabirds (exactly what is listed on their website). We were lucky, because most of the whales had migrated already, but we were still able to see a few!


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