What we did in...Madrid, Spain

Granada was a wonderful city to wander around, not to mention The Alhambra! For more info on gluten free food, check out this post for Granada and this one for Spain in general.


Where we stayed

If you're interested, here is the link: AirBnB Granada

We had a good experience at this Airbnb. The owner was nice and spoke English very well. It was fairly small, but we didn’t need much! The location was fantastic, very close to Plaza del Sol.

View from our Madrid Airbnb


Reina Sofia & Del Prado Museums

I love art museums, and although I’m not a big modern art fan, there are more than a few pieces that drew me to the Reina Sofia. But on my art museum list for the longest time has been Del Prado. I am a big Hieronymus Bosch fan and have had his work The Garden of Earthly Delights on my art bucket list (I have one of those). If you don’t know who Bosch is, be prepared to be shocked that this art was created in the late 1400’s and early 1500’s.


Plaza Mayor

Although there is not a lot to see here, it is worth checking out just to see the massive size of the building and plaza. As a special treat though, large public places tend to draw unique characters. Like fat spider man – he actually called himself that. However, if I had to skip something...it would be Plaza Mayor.


Puerta del Sol

Our Airbnb was near Puerta del Sol, a plaza and metro stop at the heart of the city. Centrally located to most major tourist areas, it also offers connections to many of the metro stops. And it was a little weird to see, what I am pretty sure, was a Mexican mariachi band performing.


Mercado de San Miguel

We found a few places like this in southern Spain, a wonderful renovated and now modern covered gourmet tapas market. There are about 30 different vendors selling everything from Jamon, to sushi, to deserts. I didn’t see anything I knew for sure was gluten free, but we were also on our way to dinner so I never tried asking.


Buen Retiro Park

A beautiful park worth walking around if you have time. It was a sort of rainy day and yet the park was bustling. Make sure to check out the Crystal Palace.


Almudena Cathedral

The ceiling in this Cathedral is like none I have ever seen. Try to get there when it is light out, we were there around dusk and the colors were a little muted. Also, if you head around to the back, there is a crypt that is TOTALLY worth walking around for a few extra euro.

The ceiling of the Almudena Cathedral



Renfe is the train company that goes city to city. We took several trains while in Spain and each time the do it yourself kiosk didn't work (multiple stations and times of day). Cercanias is the local train. Cercanias and Renfe have different places you purchase tickets – and different kiosks. Just be aware that you’ll need to find the right one!

Atocha train station

Also check out: Madrid by bus


If you want more info on what we ate in Madrid, check out THIS post. For general guidelines to eating gluten free in Spain, check out THIS one!


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