Being Gluten Free In...Tarifa & Frigiliana, Spain

November 19, 2017


As part of our road trip from Jaen to Gibraltar, we stopped in two small towns, Tarifa and Frigiliana. We really only stopped in the sea-side town of Tarifa for a few hours, mostly to try out a restaurant with an entirely vegetarian menu where many of the items were gluten free (totally worth it) a few coffees of course.  Tarifa also sits on the Strait of Gibraltar and apparently is host to many surfers in the warmer season of the year.  And behind Tarifa is the Los Alcornocales Natural Park. 


Frigiliana is an amazing little white-washed town a bit off of highway A-7 near Nerja.  It's slightly elevated height gives it a great view with beautiful winding streets and stairways.  Also right nearby is the Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Almara Natural Park, if you want to get out and see some nature!






Calle del Peso, 6, 11380
Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain


This tiny little restaurant had an all vegetarian menu with some gluten free options offering a unique combination of Spanish tapas, middle eastern and Indian food.  And I can I just say how flipping excited I was to eat falafel?!  I have not found gluten free falafel in the nearly 7 years I’ve had celiac disease, and it was even fried in a separate fryer (ok, we tried making it a few times at home…not quite the same)!  These were one of my FAVORITE foods to get pre-celiac – thanks tiny-hole-of-a middle eastern place right around the corner of my old apartment with the best food ever.  Now…if I could just find samosas…


We also tried bajees, which I thought were a little greasy, but still good. All in all, everyone loved their meals, it was worth the drive here just to try out this place. 






If you get a chance to visit this Frigiliana, make sure to give yourself time to just explore!  Home to beautiful vistas and buildings at every turn!



Restaurante El Mirador - Frigiliana

Santo Cristo 29
Frigiliana 29788


I hadn’t at all planned a place to eat here, but we stumbled upon this amazing restaurant that had lots of gluten free options and the most fantastic view of the valley!  We tried the pork kabob with potatoes, chorizo with potatoes (there were three piles of potatoes with different sauces), the Thai chicken salad (more like a cheap Chinese restaurant sweet and sour chicken than salad).


And seriously, this view!

 doors at every turn!




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