Gluten Free In...Wisconsin - Madison

Wisconsin can really be hit or miss depending on where you are in the state, but for the most part, there are fantastic options! I went to graduate school in Madison (go Badgers! Which is funny, because I don't watch sports...) Anyway, Madison is heaven for those with really any dietary issues. The WI capitol is a very forward thinking university town that draws all kinds from all over the world. Not only can you find amazing gluten free options, but all kinds of ethnic foods as well. Below are my favorites (in alphabetical order)! I'll continue to add them as I visit more places.


Crema Cafe

4124 Monona Dr, Madison, WI 53716

I have been here a few times, they have naturally gluten free breakfast options, but also have gluten free bread and occasionally muffins and deserts - kept in a separate small display. They will use a separate pan to toast the bread and take cross-contamination precautions if requested.

Ha Long Bay

1353 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703

While they don't have a gluten free menu, many of the items are naturally gluten free. Being in Madison, they are very used to this question and very willing to accommodate. I have eaten here many times and LOVE this place. I love Vietnamese (although this is sort of a SE Asian fusion), and if you are interested in what I ate in actual SE Asia, check out my posts on Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam!

Lazy Jane's

1358 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703

GLUTEN FREE SCONES! I LOVE Lazy Jane's. I'm so sad I don't live in Madison. Then again, I would probably really overdo the scones. The do serve other gluten free food well, I just really love the scones. They do not have a dedicated bakery - they clean the equipment and make the gluten free ones first every morning. I have eaten probably 30 of their scones (ok...maybe more) and never had an issue. They keep them all individually. They also make vegan ones. And they shape them all differently, so the gluten free ones are a shape (hearts), and the vegan ones are a shape (square I think). My favorite is the plain lemon one by far (below on the right)! My mouth is watering just talking about them. This place gets REALLY busy, and if you don't get there by probably 10, there likely won't be any of the specialty scones left (gluten free or vegan). Sometimes I even call ahead when I know I'll be there a little late and have them set one aside for me. This is just a great little quirky place that gets a 5/5 stars from me!


101 King St, Madison, WI 53703

This wood-fired pizza is really good (at a heft $4 increase for gluten-free crust). I got the Umami pie, a really unique pizza with chicken, roasted mushrooms, spinach, caramelized onions, black garlic creme fraiche, and aged cheese. It really was pretty incredible. It's located in a great area near the Capitol and the Monona Terrace Convention Center. We did wait quite a while for the pizza, and wood-fired does tend to go a little slow, but it was really quite slow and not super busy.

Sa-Bai Thong

2 Locations

This Thai restaurant can do almost the whole menu gluten free (they do have a gluten free menu if you ask). Unfortunately, the one time I was there I ordered something I just wasn't a fan of, but I have friends that love this place. I might have just ordered poorly.


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