Gluten Free In...Minnesota

December 20, 2017





Lolo (7/2/17)

492 N Pine St, Burlington, WI 53105


First of all, Stillwater is a really cute town full of shops and great restaurants!  It's one of our favorite places to stop!


We had dinner here as an off-shoot to a camping trip nearly 2-hours south to meet up with some friends from St. Paul (it was really loud at dinner time though, we could barely hear each other).  They offer quite a few gluten free options and I had the main chicken entree with polenta. Yum! No pictures though, we were in the dark and dark food pictures are just not appetizing.


St. Paul


Brasa (11/12/17)

2 locations: Minneapolis and St. Paul


An AMAZING southern BBQ joint where everything is gluten free except the sandwich rolls, sliced bread and cornbread.  I was here a few months back and didn't write down what we ate.  What I did write down though was "Brasa, eat everything!" That seems like sound advice!



Blue Heron Coffee House (7/1/17)

162 W 2nd St, Winona, MN 55987


They didn't have a ton of gluten free pre-made options, but did have gluten free bread available and were willing to accomodate.  I told them I was celiac and asked if they could change their gloves...but forgot to ask about how they would toast the bread. I  went back to the counter and the cook had caught it and thought it would be a problem in the toaster, and they made it on the oven instead!  The bread was great, homemade. I had a sandwich here, as well as a frittata with toast.  My husband loved the quiche, but it wasn't gluten free.  Vegan and vegetarian options available as well.  Also, they have a big focus on locally procured meats and veggies, I love when I find those places!


My guess is the menu changes daily, but I included it in the pictures to give you an idea since it's not shown on the website.




Bluff Country Co-Op (7/1/17)

121 W 2nd St, Winona, MN 55987


Smaller grocery store with lots of gluten free options.  And as co-op's typically go, many options for healthier foods and other dietary restrictions.


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