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I LOVE Denver. Love, love, love Denver. My husband was there for 6 months for work, and I traveled back and forth for 3 of those months while I finished graduate school. Then I moved out there for the remaining 3 months, cats in tow. It was wonderful eating gluten free in the Denver area. Generally speaking, I feel like there is more awareness or acceptance of dietary restrictions. Plus, we went hiking every weekend and did our first backpacking trip in the Rockies!

For other areas of Colorado (Boulder, Estes Park, and heading into the Rockies on I-70) check out THIS post.


Chains you can find in Colorado

Lark Burger (2016)

You can find these all over Colorado, but there is also one in Kansas and one in Missouri

(Un)fortunately, there was a Lark Burger right across the street from our apartment. I say "un"fortunately because it was so damned delicious that I couldn't stop eating it. There are no pictures because I never once considered eating slowly enough to photograph this amazing burger. For a change on a normal restaurant, everything here is gluten free unless you request a gluten bun, which is put together in a separate area! The fries are all in a dedicated fryer and are some of the best - parmesan truffle fries...yum! BUT, because they do have gluten buns, make sure to mention you are celiac so they change their gloves.

Modern Market (also called Mod Market) (3/2016)

All over Colorado (and in a few other states) PLUS two in the Denver airport (concourse B & C)

I really wish we had places like this in Wisconsin. First sentence on their About page "Did you ever notice that when you eat great food, you feel good? We did." And that's exactly what kind of food they serve. Clean, healthy, food with paleo, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, gluten free options and more!

For example, on one of my visits I had the Homestyle Plate of Chicken Breast with Rosemary Sweet Potato Hash and Lemon Garlic Asparagus. We do a lot of home cooking, and this tasted like something I made at home. Really fresh and delicious! This was a good amount of food, while I finished it...I probably could have kept about 1/2 as leftovers, the sweet potatoes were a giant helping!

The woman at the counter was really knowledgeable, put *gluten allergy* on my receipt and said they use all separate pans and utensils, change gloves, etc. They are very careful.

Modern Market

Airport C Concourse: For this trip I was there at breakfast time. I had the bacon and egg plate. They did have gluten free bread toasted in a separate toaster and location. Said they take precautions for allergies.

Natural Grocers

All over Colorado

Fantastic natural grocery store that can be found all over the midwest and west coast, unfortunately, there aren't any in my neck of the woods in Wisconsin. You can find these ALL over Colorado! They have a loads of organic and gluten free products.

Snooze (4/2016)

Quite a few in Colorado: Centennial, Lone Tree, Denver area, Boulder and Fort Collins (as well as California, Arizona and Texas)

Although I didn't really see gluten free listed on their online menu, there are LOADS of items they can do gluten free. We ate at a few locations and they were all very cognizant of cross-contamination (Said they do their best to keep cross-contamination down like changing gloves, etc.) However, their menu does mention that they are not a gluten free kitchen on their menu.

When we told them we were new to them and celiac, they brought us a free gluten free pineapple upside down pancake just so we could try it! I'm not normally a super sweet pancake person, but it was pretty delicious!

Yard House (5/2016)

Denver, Lakewood, Lone Tree

While they had a gluten free menu, our particular server did not appear to have a total understanding, that being said she was very willing to go back and forth the kitchen with questions. The menu did explain all of the specifics for substitutions, etc.


Centennial + Lone Tree

Gluten Escape (2016)

7255 S Havana St #110, Centennial, CO 80112

A locally owned bakery with gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, egg free and soy free options. They also offer grain-free bread. Their specialty is people with allergens! We ate here quite a few times, it happened to be quite close to our apartment. There isn't much of an area to eat in, it's more of a grab and go place. One of the days we were there they had a cherry scone - it was more like a kringle pastry (exciting for those of us from WI - they are Danish but WI is known for them).

Lyfe Kitchen (2016)

8505 Park Meadows Center Dr, Suite 2184A, Lone Tree, CO 80124 (Other locations in IL, TN, TX, NV and CA)

They specialize in what they call "modern comfort food" and hold sustainability as a value: "Our beef is grass-fed, our chicken is free of antibiotics, our wahoo is line caught, our salmon is sustainably farmed and responsibly raised and we source local, organic greens whenever possible. It's just good, fairly simple food. And the sweet potato fries...I'd go there just to get these.

Another cool fact, their buildings are design with the employee and customer health in mind using a building certification called the WELL Building Standard. I work in the architecture field and am certified in this building standard - I got pretty excited to eat here ;)


Colorado Springs

Coquette's Bistro & Bakery (6/2016)

616 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

A 100% gluten free kitchen!!! We absolutely loved this place and ate there a few times! It was well worth the trip from our apartment in Englewood! They have amazing service, fantastic food options and the most incredible deserts.

My husband had the fish n chips - he rated about an 8.5/10 - which I think is pretty good when you can eat gluten!

I had the tule crepe with truffle fries. Seriously. Those truffle fries. And any of their bakery - just take something to go!

Fieldhouse Brewery (2/2016)

521 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

When we were there, they had a fantastic gluten free IPA, but it looks like they rotate their gluten free beers. Also, the Treehouse bbq food truck sits outside and has gluten free options (see below).

Treehouse bbq (Food truck)

Outside of Fieldhouse Brewery Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

We had just come from dinner so I didn't end up eating here. But, their menu did show gluten free options. This was the menu in February 2016 - so check their website for updates.

Treehouse bbq


Cherry Creek Farmer's Market (6/2016)

Cherry Creek Shopping Center at 1st Ave. & University Blvd

I love checking out farmer's markets in different cities. This one is more food truck market, than fresh veggie market, and I saw so many gluten free options here! This list is from 2016, so I'm sure it has changed.

A few things I saw: BBQ sauce with chips, pie, Roxie's tacos, Pappardelle's pasta with gluten free made separate, Heirloom pumpkin seeds, and Wheels on Fire: Woodfire pizza, pan and gluten free crust for $3 charge.

Comida (5/2016)

3350 Brighton Blvd. Unit 105 Denver, CO 80216 (also a location in Aurora and a food truck)

This small plate restaurant offers slow-cooked, authentic, traditional Mexican Street food. The location in Denver is in a market called The Source - a fun place to check out even if you don't eat at Comida! We actually came for the market...and then found this great gluten free meal.. There is a butcher, a baker and a candle stick maker...wait...I mean a florist. ;)

Although special brunch menu was lacking in gluten free meals, the regular menu had quite a few more options. That being said, the one gluten free options, Chilaquiles, was fantastic! And, they do have dedicated fryer for chips.

Stem Cider (6/2016)

2811 Walnut St #150, Denver, CO 80205

A great cider place to check out - good cider and a fun atmosphere!

True Food (3/2016)

2800 E. 2nd Ave, Suite 101, Denver, Colorado 80206 (Only location in CO, but they have locations all over the US)

Well, we ended up here on accident, sort of. We were searching "clean eating" in google and found a few places that looked really good. This was a little further than we wanted to go, so we went to here first. But turns out they aren't a restaurant, they sell pre-made clean eating food, all but one dish is gluten free, and I thought reasonably priced. So, not what we were looking for, but an awesome option for eating at home or on the go quickly. They did have a microwave and a few tables to eat there.

So instead of eating at Lyfe Kitchen again, we decided to check out True Food Kitchen. I will be back here! The braised grass-fed beef short rib was amazing, perfectly done, carrots were either roasted or grilled and had a nice char on them. All of the flavors were great together. My husband got the street tacos - 2 sea bass and 1 steak and said they were great as well. There were quite a few things on the menu that were gluten free, including pizza and gluten free bread for the burgers and sandwiches.

And if you're looking for a yummy hot non-alcoholic drink, the half a cup you see on the side of the picture? Fresh squeezed ginger and lemon, with honey and hot water. Holy crap I will be making this at home ALL THE TIME! Plus the server was so great, really helpful (that drink wasn't on the menu, he suggested it when I said I wanted something warm) AND when I said I was bringing home the leftovers because I thought they'd make an amazing breakfast with a fried egg on top, he went and got me a little roasted butternut squash from the kitchen in my doggy bag and said they would be really great together. That's service ;)

Yak & Yeti (7/2016)

9755 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO 80123 (also locations in Westminster, Brighton and Arvada)

Indian food with gluten free listed on their buffet! I never go to buffets with celiac - but almost an entire side the 2-sided buffet line was gluten free, with the ingredients listed. I love Indian food and had seriously missed buffet style so I could try lots of things!

Zen Sushi (6/2016)

8354 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238

Great service! They can do quite a bit gluten free. They do offer tamari sauce and can leave off the tempura batter on anything.


Denver Aiport

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Francy's (2016)

10111 Inverness Main St Suite M, Englewood, CO 80112

Local coffee shop that always had a few gluten free bakery options available made by a local baker. They kept everything in a separate case.


Greenwood Village

Milano Coffee (2016)

9602 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80112

I only really mention this place because they had lots of gluten free snack options to purchase, like Perfect Bar's and Outrageous breads. It was nice to have some heartier options. Those Perfect Bars are really great, by the way.

Rice Bistro & Sushi (4/2016)

5922 S Holly St, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 (there is also a location in Littleton, CO)

They had lots of gluten free options and were very knowledgeable regarding cross-contamination and substitutions. Make sure to tell server if you are celiac and they will modify. Warning, we got the Rainbow Roll and they offered to make it with real crab (kani kame is fake crab and NOT gluten free), that upcharge was like, the price of another whole specialty roll - so verify cost! We tried the Rainbow Roll with real crab, the Philly (yes, I know this isn't real sushi), the Harris and the Red dragon.


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