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December 21, 2017

So, getting paid to speak at a conference in which you get a free trip to Anchorage is pretty awesome.  Getting to have your husband come along when you are 6 months pregnant with your first is a HUGE bonus!  Luckily, I have a friend with celiac who lives in Anchorage, and she had amazing suggestions and we did our best to try them all!

Alaska Airlines

I always pack plenty of food for flights, especially long ones like this...

December 21, 2017

We rented a car from Anchorage and headed to Girdwood for a night, followed by 3 nights in Seward. This an absolutely beautiful drive!  BEAUTIFUL!  For my post on what we saw (beluga whales) and our fantastic whale and glacier day-long trip, scroll to the bottom of this post.  For gluten free dining, keep reading!


Jack Sprat

165 Olympic Mountain Loop

Girdwood, AK 99587

Really great gluten free options and a...

December 21, 2017

I am in Seattle for a conference every year or so, and navigate around a smallish part of the city - hence why everything is clumped near each other!

Pike Place Market

If you're in Seattle, probably one of the main attractions you will be told to visit is the Pike Place Market.  I'm not even going to try to explain to you the ins and outs of this world famous market - just check the link to explore!  I have eaten here, and there...

December 21, 2017

Amigos Tortilla Bar (10/2016)

425 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040

This Mexican restaurant's menu is nearly entirely gluten free (or can be made gluten free).  Plus, they have gluten free beer and cider available.  We ate there twice, and both times our waitress was very knowledgeable, guiding us to the rice bowl which she said would be the safest for someone with celiac. While they do have corn tortillas that are gluten free, they...

December 20, 2017

Wisconsin can really be hit or miss depending on where you are in the state, but for the most part, there are fantastic options!  I went to graduate school in Madison (go Badgers!  Which is funny, because I don't watch sports...)  Anyway, Madison is heaven for those with really any dietary issues.  The WI capitol is a very forward thinking university town that draws all kinds from all over the world.  Not only can you find ama...

December 20, 2017

Wisconsin can really be hit or miss depending on where you are in the state, but for the most part, there are fantastic options!  I live in the Milwaukee area, and there are some fantastic places to eat - check out my reviews below (in alphabetical order)! I'll continue to add them as I visit more places.  I have been to tons more than the ones listed below as well, but some of them were a while ago. I feel better adding them...

December 20, 2017


Lolo (7/2/17)

492 N Pine St, Burlington, WI 53105

First of all, Stillwater is a really cute town full of shops and great restaurants!  It's one of our favorite places to stop!

We had dinner here as an off-shoot to a camping trip nearly 2-hours south to meet up with some friends from St. Paul (it was really loud at dinner time though, we could barely hear each other).  They offer quite a few gluten free options and I had...

December 20, 2017

Although the size of Chicago feels like a different universe from Milwaukee, they are only about a 90 minute train ride away.  I head to Chicago at least a few times a year, often for conferences.  Since I'm usually in the same area for the conferences, the restaurants tend to be tightly packed in a small area, but there are TONS of great options in Chicago!

My big annual trade show is at the Merchandise Mart.  There are s...

December 20, 2017

I LOVE Denver.  Love, love, love Denver.  My husband was there for 6 months for work, and I traveled back and forth for 3 of those months while I finished graduate school.  Then I moved out there for the remaining 3 months, cats in tow.  It was wonderful eating gluten free in the Denver area.  Generally speaking, I feel like there is more awareness or acceptance of dietary restrictions.  Plus, we went hiking every weekend and...

December 20, 2017

While temporarily living in the Denver area, we spent a bit of time in two areas outside of Denver (check out my post on the Denver Metropolitan Area as well).  We took a few trips out into the Rockies along I-70 stopping at a few cities.  Generally speaking, we didn't have too hard of a time finding gluten free options, but if you were stopping in smaller towns, you may have to plan ahead more.  It was not quite as easy or ac...

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December 20, 2017

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